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Photona 2020: Pulse

I was the Associate Designer of Team Communication, Lighting Design of Jake Frizzelle. Our goal was to tell the story of how we find ways to new communicate during this year of Pandemic. We designed this piece for film in the Large Light Lab at UNCSA. 

Photo Credits: Grey Nicholson

Photona 2019: Under the Big Top: Team Runaways

Photo Credits: Brent LaFever

I was the Associate Designer of Team Runaways, Lighting Designer Clara Ashe-Moore for Photona 2019. The premise of the piece was explore the idea of running away to join the circus, and more broadly, to explore the idea of running away from the ordinary and finding the extraordinary. In the slideshow are pictures of the piece and an example of the color palette Clara and I worked on to give us a starting point for video and lighting. 

Still Life with Rocket

I was one of the AMEs for this show, Lighting Designer, Nico Schiavone. A challenge of this space is that the show was devised in an old tobacco warehouse, which meant we built all of the lighting positions from scratch, as well as get creative with cable runs and where the console was. I was the board operator for the show and the board was placed behind slightly opened blast doors. 

Photo Credits: Peter J. Mueller

Photona 2018: Vita: Team Earth

I was a video content creator of Team Earth, Lighting Designer Kim Smith for Photona 2018. We used Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects

Photo Credits: Andy Tennille

Scenes From an Execution

This is from the show Scenes From an Execution. Scenic Design: Brett Sellitti, TD: Stephanie Malaspina, Lighting Design: Kim Smith. I was on this show as a carpenter from Dec 2018 - February 2019. My main project was placing and getting the fabric to sit on the wall correctly. 

Photo Credits: Peter J. Mueller

Art Examples

These are 6 examples of my work from Drawing and Color and Design classes from my First Year at UNCSA. 

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