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Down in the face of God


Lighting Team: 

Lighting Designer: Amanda Fisk
Assistant Lighting Designer: Lauren Lee
Programmer: Darian Horvath
Production Electrician: Mac McClary
Head Electrician: Krispy Perroni Lutteroth
Assit. Head Electrician: Eric Nelson

Creative Team: 

Director: Cameron Knight
Scene Designer: Houston Odom
Costume Designer: Johnna Presby
Sound Designer: Dian Yu
Props: Jack Covitz


Started show: April 2020 
Rough Plot Due: Sept 24, 2020
Final Plot Due: Sept 29, 2020
Shop Pull: Oct 9, 2020
Load In: Oct 15, 2020
Focus: Oct 30/31, 2020
Tech: Nov 6, 2020
Filming: Nov 14, 2020

Things to know about Reynolds Place

  • Grid is unevenly rated, some places can hold weight better than others 

  • The curtains don't fully cover the windows during the daytime 

  • The Balcony can hold weight and was awesome for that

  • There are dancers in other rooms which determines when you can haze

  • LED House lights 

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